And So We’re Free (Really?)

Freedom could mean a lot to different people. Some may be the literal freedom — from the cage, from the jail, from the cell, from having been bedridden, from the den. And I do believe that we are all jailed somehow. Some are locked from the past, some are locked by the ghosts inside their heads. Some believed that they were not able to get most out of life because other people caused them that. Blaming, blaming and blaming.

We always thought that we need somebody else to set us free somehow with these chains, we didn’t notice that the greatest jails could be broken off by the keys we ourselves have inside of us. We are just afraid.

What more? Sometimes we mistakenly tag ourselves imprisoned. But we are not. We are freed a long time ago. We were just immunized by the restrictions we had during our isolation. Let’s explore. We are independent. We are free.


26th of May: I wanna live. I wanna love. But can’t.

I can't trust myself to trust anyone. That's it.

I can’t trust myself to trust anyone. That’s it.

The trust issue is not yet gone. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I know that I can’t be in a commitment as long as I have this. It depresses me.

The Auto-Repressive.

Who would listen? Who would care? If I speak, would it change anything? What good will contending and arguing do to me? But some people are too much. You keep silent and then you’re thought ignorant. They forget that full containers do not make a sound. Now I’m shattering the silence, not to stress myself, but to stop them. Someone has to stop them. They need to be stopped.