They’re eloquent..

Mga bolero.. Not surprising.. It’s their business — spreading meringue onto their plain piece of bread.. why do they have to say that someone else needs us when in fact it’s just they don’t need us anymore.. if that was true, we believe that we should have had the assurance of being accommodated by the third party. but we were not. we were always alarmed by the unwelcoming signals of them. nice one. keep up the good work. we understand. business is business.


Quitting the Internet, Cold Turkey

Worth reading…


The advice offered to me by people when I explain I am going to live by myself in the woods for a week varies from the sensible (“Develop a routine”) to the frankly awful (“Take some weed!”).

But it is Michael Harris, the Canadian author who published a book in 2014 called The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We’ve Lost in a World of Constant Connection, who I pay most attention to.

Like me, Harris decided to try and face his fears. He gave up the internet and his phone for an entire month, though not, it must be said, human contact altogether. Nevertheless, “crushing loneliness,” is how he describes the initial effects of his experiment.

“You have to remember, people who design our online experiences have devoted enormous resources toward making them as addictive as possible,” Harris says. “Walking away from it makes you feel like shit, because…

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And So We’re Free (Really?)

Freedom could mean a lot to different people. Some may be the literal freedom — from the cage, from the jail, from the cell, from having been bedridden, from the den. And I do believe that we are all jailed somehow. Some are locked from the past, some are locked by the ghosts inside their heads. Some believed that they were not able to get most out of life because other people caused them that. Blaming, blaming and blaming.

We always thought that we need somebody else to set us free somehow with these chains, we didn’t notice that the greatest jails could be broken off by the keys we ourselves have inside of us. We are just afraid.

What more? Sometimes we mistakenly tag ourselves imprisoned. But we are not. We are freed a long time ago. We were just immunized by the restrictions we had during our isolation. Let’s explore. We are independent. We are free.